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Dorfmeister, Johann Georg#

b. Vienna, Sept. 22, 1736, d. Saska (Rumania), Sept. 21, 1786. Sculptor, pupil of B. F. Moll at the Academy in Vienna, 1757-1760; member of the Academy from 1765. One of the most significant sculptors in the 2nd half of the 18th century; in his early years, D. was strongly influenced by G. R. Donner; later, under competitive pressure from F. A. von Zauner and J. M. Fischer, D. paid more attention to Classicism without completely abandoning his late baroque influences. commissioned mostly for churches in Vienna and Lower Austria.


I. Goritschnig, J. G. D. (1736-1786), ein Beitrag zur Biographie, master´s thesis, Vienna 1995; ADB.