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Dornhelm, Robert#

Dornhelm, Robert, b. Timisoara (Romania), Dec. 17, 1947, director. 1960 immigrated to Austria, 1965-1967 studied at the Vienna Film Academy. 1967-1975 directed documentary films for the ORF (Austrian broadcasting corporation); in 1977 D.´s film "Kinder der Theaterstrasse" was nominated for an Oscar and he moved to the USA, where he still lives. His film "Requiem fuer Dominic" (1990) was nominated for the Golden Globe and was Austria´s official entry in the Venice Film Festival. "The Venice Project" (1999) was nominated for the Golden Lion in Venice. D. has worked with such famous actors as Grace Kelly, James Coburn, Jeff Bridges and Helena Bonham-Carter.

Other films: Rearranged, 1980; Echo Park, 1984; Cold Feet, 1988; Marina´s Story, 1991; A Further Gesture, 1995; Der Unfisch, 1996; Anne Frank - The Whole Story, 2001 (TV).