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Draukraft, Österreichische Draukraftwerke AG#

Draukraft, Oesterreichische Draukraftwerke AG, founded 1947 as a special society of the Verbundkonzern, headquarters at Klagenfurt (Carinthia); took over the operation of the Schwabeck and Lavamuend power stations and the Voitsberg caloric power station; builds and operates large power stations. The electricity suppliers Verbundgesellschaft and KELAG own 51 % and 49 % of Draukraft respectively. Draukraft operate steam power stations in St. Andrae im Lavanttal (Carinthia), Voitsberg and Zeltweg (both in Styria), 10 run-of-river power stations on the River Drau/Drava and the storage power stations of Reisseck/Kreuzeck and Malta with a total output of 2.2 GW, making it the largest electricity-generating business in Austria. Draukraft is innovative in the use of biomass in St. Andrae and Zeltweg (first use of gasification). On the Kanzelhoehe mountain OeDK run a solar-energy project and a pilot wind power station at the Malta main reservoir (Rottau).