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EVN AG Energie-Versorgung Niederoesterreich AG (until 1998 called Lower Austrian Energy Supply Company), in Lower Austria it supplies approximately 800,000 customers with electric current, gas and heat. The EVN, which was formed by the merger of NIOGAS and NEWAG in 1986, was transferred into 49 % private ownership in two phases in 1989/90. The shares of EVN are quoted at the stock exchanges of Vienna, Frankfurt and Munich and traded in London via the electronical trading system SEAQ International. EVN shares are also quoted at some US-American stock exchanges. EVN owns (figures of 1998) 66 power plants, 3 thermal power-plants and 2 co-generation plants with a total wattage of 1,147 MW. In recent years the EVN has tried to extend its usual field of activity by specific diversification and to cover fields such as waste management, telecommunications and communal services. The EVN has a 10 % share in the Verbundkonzern and holds a majority of shares in Burgenland-Holding AG. It also has an interest in the gas supply company Koegáz in south-western Hungary.


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