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Eberau, Burgenland, market town in the district of Guessing, alt. 215 m, pop. 1,024, area 30.75 km2, on the Pinka plain, between Kulm forest and the Hungarian border. - Customs post and station; wood processing (joinery, sawmill), building industry and trade, viniculture. - Roman finds; parish church with late Gothic choir, north tower and nave date from the 18th  century; moated castle with medieval fortifications at the southern edge of the town, built in the 17th and 18th  centuries, corner towers (1909), one of the most imposing circular fortifications in Austria. A book printing factory had already been set up by the 16th  century; Freemasons´ lodge founded in the 18th  century; pillory (17th century), carved columns; late Gothic pilgrimage church of Gaas, redecorated in Baroque style; charnel house.