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Ebergassing, Lower Austria, municipality in the district of Wien-Umgebung, alt. 180 m, pop. 2,880, area 16.26 km2, town on the river Fischa in the eastern part of the Vienna Basin. - Industry and trade, (employing about 74 % of the working population in 1991): large carpet factory (mainly car mats), production of rubber articles, bandages, corrosion protecting agents and fodder. - Riparian village; parish church of the Assumption (1851-1853), high altar paintings by J. Fuehrich (1852); castle, former moated castle (16th  century), Vierkanter farmstead, with an arcaded courtyard, reconstructed in the mid-18th  century.


J. Steindl, Beitraege zur Heimatkunde von Ebergassing und der umliegenden Gemeinden, 1965.