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Eberhard II. von Regensberg#

b. around 1170, d. Friesach (Carinthia), Nov. 30, 1246. 1196 Bishop of Brixen/Bressanone; 1200 Archbishop of Salzburg. E. founded the independent bishoprics of Chiemsee (Bavaria, 1215), Seckau (1218) and Lavant (1228) under Salzburg, as well as the collegiate churches of Voelkermarkt and Friesach, where he also founded a Premontre monastery in 1217. By acquiring the counties of Pongau and Lungau, E. created a closed territory, thus fulfilling the prerequisites for the territorial sovereignty of the religious principality; E. was one of the most important imperial princes of his time.


C. Stoellinger, Erzbischof E. II. v. Salzburg, doctoral thesis, Vienna 1972.