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Eberle, Joseph#

b. Ailingen (Germany), Aug. 2, 1884, d. Salzburg, Sept. 12, 1947. Catholic journalist, from 1913 in Vienna. 1913-1916 editor of the daily newspaper "Reichspost", and 1918-1925 of the weekly "Das Neue Reich", (1918-1932; founded as "Die Monarchie"). Owner and editor of the weekly "Schoenere Zukunft", 1925-1940. E. spoke out for Catholic, anti-Jewish, anti-capitalist and pro-corporate state ideas; his views on National Socialism were divided until he was forced to give up the "Schoenere Zukunft" in 1940 and was taken into protective custody.


Grossmacht Presse, 1912, 31920; Die Ueberwindung der Plutokratie, 1918; Erlebnisse und Bekenntnisse, 1947.


B. Hofer, Der Publizist J. E., doctoral thesis, Salzburg 1995.