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Sweet Chestnut (edible chestnut, Spanish chestnut, Italian chestnut, Castanea sativa) requires warm and dry locations, in Austria, found in areas influenced by Mediterranean climate, on the southeastern and eastern edge of the Alps: frequently found in groves in southern and central Styria, in Burgenland on the eastern slope of the Rosaliengebirge mountains, and some in the Vienna Woods. The northern boundary of the distribution area of chestnut trees coincides with that of the wine growing area. The brown fruits of chestnut are also called Maroni in Austrian (from the French marron). Chestnuts are rich in starch and are therefore used as food and fodder. 5-10% of the supply is covered by gathering chestnut growing in the wild. The durable wood of the chestnut tree was used for the construction of lake-dwellings in earlier times.