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Edelweiss (English: edelweiss; Leontopodium alpinum; Asteraceac plant), native to Alpine areas, mainly in rocky places, has woolly, matted, white leaves and florets, in Austria it grows at a height of 1700-3400 m, blooms from July to September, is regarded as a herbal remedy against stomach ache (therefore also called "tummy-ache flower" - Bauchwehblume in Salzburg). Its name "Edelweiss" is probably a Tirolean popular term (edel = noble, weiss = white). In many places in danger of extinction and therefore protected by law. In a military context, E. served as the emblem of mountain troops. The 14th (former 20th ) Austro-Hungarian army corps was given the name of honour "E. Corps" in 1917. During World War II the E. was the emblem of the German mountain infantrymen.