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Eggenberg, Schloss#

Eggenberg, palace in the Eggenberg district of the city of Graz; built in 1625-1655 for Prince Johann Ulrich E. by G. P. de Pomis, in 1754 came into the possession of the Counts of Herberstein, who had it altered, since 1939 owned by the province of Styria. Largest Baroque castle in Styria, 24 state apartments (17th and 18th  centuries, murals and ceiling paintings by H. A. Weissenkircher, 1684). Baroque Museum (department of the Provincial Museum Joanneum; prehistory and early history; numismatic collection; collection of Roman tomb stones, Antiquity collection); castle grounds (originally French gardens, since 1853 English landscape gardens), since 1953 game park with big and small game.