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Egger, Fritz, GmbH#

Egger, Fritz, GmbH, leading Austrian chipboard producer; founded in 1961 by Fritz E. (1922-1982), with 12 factories in St. Johann in Tirol and Woergl (Tirol), Unterradlberg (Lower Austria), Germany, France, Great Britain and Russia. In 1993, 855,000 m3 chipboards were produced in Austria. Since 1981, 50 % share in the Oesterreichische Novopan Holzindustrie GmbH in Leoben (Styria).

In 1978 a brewery was founded in Unterradlberg (district of St. Poelten), which produced about 300,000 hl beer in 1993. In 1988 the Radlberger Getraenke GmbH with non-alcoholic beverage brands was founded; in 1993 it produced almost 700,000 hl. In 1985, Varioform PET Verpackungs GmbH was founded, in 1993 it produced almost 90 million pieces of Preform (blanks for the production of plastic bottles). In 1993 this enterprise employed 950 people in Austria, its total turnover amounted to ATS 6.65 billion.