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Egger-Lienz, Albin#

b. Stribach near Lienz (Tyrol), Jan. 29, 1868, d. St. Justina-Rentsch near Bozen/Bolzano (South Tyrol), Nov. 4, 1926, painter, trained first under his father (a church painter), studied at the Academy in Munich; influenced by F. von Defregger and J.-F. Millet; 1899 moved to Vienna, 1911/12 professor at the Weimar School of Fine Arts, war painter during World War I; turned down a professorship at the Vienna Academy in 1918 then settled in South Tyrol; special preference for rustic genre and historical paintings; under the influence of F. Hodler, E. abstracted his formal language into monumental expressiveness. E.'s work focused mainly on World War I.


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