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Ehrenberger Klause#

Ehrenberger Klause, Tirol, alt. 945 m, 2 km-long narrow pass in the Lechtal Alps south of Reutte, through which important trade routes led from Augsburg to the Fern Pass and further to the south in Roman and medieval times. Around 1290 a castle was built under Meinhard II and by the 17th century had been extended to form a fortified barrier across the valley. In 1546 the fortification resisted the invasion of the Smalkald League, in 1552 Maurice of Saxony, in 1632 the Swedes; in 1703 it was finally taken by the Bavarians and the Tiroleans. In 1782 the fortress was abandoned and put up for auction and most of the buildings were pulled down. The narrow pass connects Reutte with Heiterwang; the Innsbruck - Reutte road and railway line run through it.