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Ehrenfels, Christian Freiherr von#

b. Rodaun, Vienna, June 20, 1869, d. Lichtenau (Lower Austria), Sept. 8, 1932, psychologist, philosopher and dramatist, father of Imma von Bodmershof; professor at the Universities of Graz, Vienna (1888-1896) and Prague (1896-1929); discovered the gestalt qualities named after him and founded gestalt psychology. Theoretical treatments and practical proposals on sexual morality and sexual reform; proponent of the theory that the goal of human action is determined by the individual's relationship to the common good ("the greatest possible promotion of what is biologically valuable").


Grundbegriffe der Ethik, 1907; Sexualethik, 1907; Die Religion der Zukunft, 1929. - Dramas: Melusine, 1887; Der Kampf des Prometheus, 1895 (choral drama); Die Stuermer, 1913 (3 choral dramas).