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Ehrmann, Salomon#

b. Ostrovec, Czech Republic (then Ostrowitz), Dec. 19, 1854, d. Vienna, Oct. 24, 1926, dermatologist, from 1908 university professor and head of the university clinic in Vienna. Worked mainly on dermatological histology and therapy, the spreading of syphilitic agents in the body and skin pigments; was the first to prove the existence of Spirochaetae pallidae in the nervous system. was also a gifted painter and chairman of the Vienna Jewish Community.


Handbuch der Geschlechtskrankheiten, 1910; Vergleichend-diagnost. Atlas der Hautkrankheiten und Syphilide, 1912; Beziehungen der ekzematoesen Erkrankungen zu inneren Leiden, 1924.