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Eich- und Vermessungswesen#

Weights, Measures and Surveying are within the competence of the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs. Weights and measures are based on the Weights and Measures Act of 1950, which specifies the following units of measure: meter, kilogram, second, square meter, cubic meter, litre and their multiples and fractions. All measuring instruments have to be calibrated to these units. The Federal Office of Weights, Measures and Surveying and all agencies subordinated to it are in charge of standardisation. All measuring instruments which are used in the public sector for the determination of quantity, quality and capacity (e.g. scales, measuring devices, thermometers, taxameter) are subject to calibration and have to be adjusted at regular intervals. Standardisation includes standard specification and stamping of measuring devices (the term "standardised" is registered).

Regulations regarding surveying are laid down in the Surveying Act of 1968. Surveying mainly includes: land-area surveying, maintenance and installation of border registers, topographic surveying for cartographic purposes, production of official maps and surveying and marking state borders. These tasks are carried out by the Federal Office of Weights, Measures and Surveying and all agencies subordinated to it.


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