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Einem, Gottfried von#

b. Berne (Switzerland), Jan. 24, 1918, d. Oberduernbach (municipality of Maissau, Lower Austria), July 12, 1996, father of Caspar Einem (from his first marriage with Lianne von Bismarck), composer, grew up in Germany, and England, assistant at the Bayreuth Festival; 1944 resident composer at the Dresden State Opera, from 1946 lived in Austria; student of B. Blacher. 1948-1951 on the management and from 1955 Chairman of the Salzburg Festival Artistic Board. 1963-1973 professor at the Vienna Academy of Music, 1965-1970 president of the AKM (association for protecting artists´ intellectual rights). Considered one of the most important 20th-century Austrian composers; E. is admired throughout the world, especially for his operas, which are distinguished by their clear structure and highly expressive instrumentation and rhythm. Grand Austrian State Prize 1965. Was married to writer L. Ingrisch. Memorial at Oberduernbach in the house where he died.


Orchestral and choral pieces. - Operas: Dantons Tod, 1947; Der Prozess, 1953; Der Zerrissene, 1964; Der Besuch der alten Dame, 1971; Kabale und Liebe, 1976; Jesu Hochzeit, 1980. - Ballets, chamber music, lieder, music for screen and stage. - Autobiography: Ich hab´ unendlich viel erlebt, 1995.


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