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Eiselsberg, Anton Freiherr von#

b. Schloss Steinhaus near Wels (Upper Austria), July 31, 1860, d. near St. Valentin (Lower Austria, train accident), Oct. 25, 1939, surgeon, student of T. Billroth, 1893 professor at the University of Utrecht, 1896 in Koenigsberg, 1901-1931 head of the 1st Surgical University Clinic in Vienna. One of the founders of neurosurgery, E. raised his field to the status of an independent science. His research was predominantly concerned with surgery on the central nervous system, the thyroid gland and the gastrointestinal tract. In 1909 he and J. Hochenegg established casualty wards which set an example for others all over the world. In Vienna, E. helped develop one of the largest medical schools in the world; also an honorary member of the Academy of Sciences.


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