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Eisenbahn-Hochleistungsstrecken AG, HL-AG#

Eisenbahn-Hochleistungsstrecken AG, HL-AG; company founded in 1989 by the Federal Government; in charge of planning and construction of rapid-service high-volume railway lines in Austria, which meet future standards regarding traffic policy, economic considerations and environmental factors. The Eisenbahn-Hochleistungsstrecken AG, HL-AG is subordinated to the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology after consultation with the Federal Ministry of Finance; its tasks include improving routes and construction of new lines on the Westbahn (western railway) and the Suedbahn (southern railway) routes, including the connection between Graz and Klagenfurt by the Koralmbahn line and connecting the Westbahn and Suedbahn by the Donaulaendebahn line. The Innsbruck bypass was completed in 2000. Cooperation with the Austrian Federal Railways ( Oesterreichische Bundesbahnen) is regulated by a cooperation contract. These projects were formerly financed by ASFINAG. Since 1997 they have been financed by the SCHIG (Schieneninfrastrukturfinanzierungsges.).