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Eisenwurzen, region north of Styrian Erzberg mountain, extends over parts of the provinces of Styria, Lower Austria, and Upper Austria, approximately coextensive with the region drained by the Enns, Ybbs and Erlauf rivers and their tributaries; since the 15th century a centre of iron processing with forging and tool manufacturing facilities, developed on account of the availability of wood for fuel from the rich forests, water power and coal resources (Gresten and Lunz strata) and in particular the iron ore supplied from the nearby Erzberg mountain. After 1860, in the course of industrialisation, the small ironworks declined and were ultimately replaced by the large Boehlerwerke mill in Ybbstal valley; in the Erlauftal valley, the ironmill of A. Toepper company had to shut down in 1872 and industrial activity was changed to paper and paste board production. Today agriculture, trade and tourism (skiing on Hochkar mountain) are the most important economic sectors in this region.


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