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Eisriesenwelt, ("Ice Giant World"); ice cave near Werfen in the karstic Dachstein limestone of the Tennengebirge mountains in the province of Salzburg, the largest accessible ice cave in the world (total length 50 km, show cave about 800 m long). The entrance is in the steep western wall of Hochkogel mountain (alt. 2,282 m) at an altitude of 1,641 m, to be reached by a mountain road and cableway from Werfen. Remarkable parts of the cave are Posselt hall, Hymir hall (the part of Eisriesenwelt with the most massive ice growth) and Odin hall; entrance to "Alexander-von-Moerk-Dom" with the grave of Alexander von Moerk, the first explorer of the cave is through the "Eistor" - ice gate (alt. 1,744 m). The next cavity is "Eispalast" (ice palace), the last hall of the glaciated part of the cave. The first guided tours took place in 1920. Since 1929 the Eisriesenwelt has been a classified natural monument. Every year almost 180,000 visitors see the cave.


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