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Ekker, Ernst A#

b. Idar-Oberstein (Germany), March 4, 1937, d. Ravensburg (Germany), May 8, 1999, writer. Began as a copy editor for ORF (Austrian broadcasting corporation), then for American television companies. Wrote mainly children's and young people's books, also screenplays, radio plays, dramas and prose. E. addressed questions such as peace, tolerance and ecology in his works; he concerned himself especially with plays, musicals and operas for children. Awarded the Austrian State Prize in 1988.


Children's opera: Zauberbaer und Wuenschelstimme, 1983. - Children's musicals. - Over 50 children's books: Quirl, 1989; Garten der Wuensche, 1992; Oh, Pinocchio, 1994; Gluck, der Sternenfischer, 1994; Wenn der Teufel tanzt, 1995. - Musical children´s books (with CD): F. Schubert, 1996; J. Strauss, 1998; W. A. Mozart, 1998 (all with D. Eisenburger).