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Parent - Teacher Associations, came into existence at the beginning of the 20th century, when the education authorities sought closer co-operation between schools and parents ("parents´ evenings"). At first, their activities were limited to financial support of schools and pupils. After 1945, united PTAs were granted the right to participate in decision making ("Parents´ Advisory Committee" at the Ministry of Education in 1957; from 1962 advisory status in the examination of laws and decrees etc.) and finally the right of co-determination for parents and legal guardians (since 1974 in parent-teacher-pupil committee, since 1986 in class or school platforms). Headmasters and headmistresses are obliged to promote PTAs by law.

Umbrella federations: Oesterreichischer Verband der Elternvereine an den oeffentlichen Pflichtschulen, Bundesverband der Elternvereinigungen an hoeheren und mittleren Schulen Oesterreichs (except Vienna), Verband der Elternvereine an hoeheren Schulen Wiens, Hauptverband Katholischer Elternvereine. - Other organisations representing the general interests of parents are: Katholischer Familienverband Oesterreich, Oesterreichischer Familienbund, Bundesorganisation der Oesterreichischen Kinderfreunde.


"Unsere Schule", "Elternhaus und Hoehere Schule", "Familien-Magazin" etc.