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Energie AG Oberösterreich#

Energie AG Oberoesterreich, Upper Austria's leading utility group, headquarters at Linz, up to 1998 known under the name of Oberoesterreichische Kraftwerke AG (OKA); established in 1929 as the result of a merger of the electricity division of Stern & Hafferl company and Oberoesterreichische Wasserkraft- und Elektrizitaets AG (fdd. 1920), became the provincial electricity company of Upper Austria in 1947 under the 2nd Nationalisation Act, and has since then been fully owned by this province. In 1998 the company operated 31 hydroelectric and 3 thermal power stations and supplied 385,500 customers with just under 6200 Gwh of electricity. Together with its associated companies, Energie AG Oberoesterreich has approximately 3500 workers and employees. Group turnover in the same year amounted to more than ATS 12 billion. The company is active in a variety of fields including electricity, gas and heat supply as well as environmental engineering and telecommunications. Its holdings include interests in Ennskraftwerke AG (50 %), SAFE, Salzburger AG fuer Energiewirtschaft (36 %), Cogeneration Kraftwerke Management Oberoesterreich GmbH (50 %), Oberoesterreichische Ferngas AG (50 %), Fernwaerme Kirchdorf GmbH (100 %), ENSERV Energieservice GmbH & Co. KG (50 %), Geothermie-Waermegesellschaft Braunau-Simbach mbH (20 %), AVE Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH (50 %), Welser Baustoff Recycling GmbH (25 %), Vereinigte Telekom Oesterreich Beteiligungs-GmbH (12,5 %), LIWEST Kabelmedien GmbH (44 %) and AFREG Altstadt-Fernseh- und Rundfunk-Empfangs-GmbH (100 %).