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Energy Industry: comprises all power supply companies that generate, convert and supply energy to end users. On account of the great importance of energy to everyday life the energy industry has a key role to play in economic activity.

Total energy supplied to consumers in Austria in 1996 amounted to approximately 1222 Petajoules (1 PJ is equivalent to approx. 35 000 tons of hard coal), the shares of the individual fuels being as follows: coal about 10 %, petroleum 40 %, natural gas 20 %, water power 13 % ( Electric Power Industry), other fuels (mostly biomass) approx. 14 % ( Alternative Energy Sources).

Austria's energy supply depends on imports for roughly two thirds of its power needs. While domestic production of fossil fuels is declining, renewable energy, especially water power and biomass, are on the rise. By international standards, Austria ranks among the leading countries in terms of the share of renewable energy sources (including water power) in total energy consumption (more than 25%).