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Englischer Einfluss#

Foreign Influences, English: despite the geographical distance English economic and cultural influences on Austria have been quite strong at various times. During the first half of the 17th century, English touring companies ( English Comedians) also performed in Austria, in the 18th century Prince Eugène and the Duke of Marlborough exchanged views on the construction and decoration of palaces; around 1780 the English landscape garden replaced the French style in garden architecture. During the age of Romanticism Gothic architecture (Tudor style) was adopted in Austria. The most lasting effects were those in the field of technology: travelling craftsmen often learned new techniques and developments in England and brought them back to Austria, English enterprises frequently moved to Austria. Setbacks in the course of this development were caused by Napoleon´s Continental System, but after 1835 English railway engineers came to Austria, who were experts in train operation as well as in locomotive-construction. In the 20th  century, increasing knowledge of the English language in Austria made many mutual influences possible (e.g. school exchange programs), the period of 1945-1955, when England was one of the occupying powers in Austria after World War II, was very important for establishing new contacts.


P. Martinz-Turek, Untersuchungen ueber den englischen Kultureinfluss in Oesterreich um 1800, doctoral thesis, Vienna 1971.