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Ennskraft, Ennskraftwerke AG#

Ennskraft, Ennskraftwerke AG, was founded in 1947 under the 2nd nationalisation law ( nationalisation) as a company with a special status, jointly owned by Energie AG Oberoesterreich and Verbundsgesellschaft ( Verbundkonzern); it operates 10 hydroelectric plants along the River Enns and 2 along the River Steyr with a wattage of 410 MW maximum capacity and a standard working capacity of 1,794 GWh while operating run-off. Peak value energy is generated in threshold operation. In addition, E. runs an information centre at Staning providing information on "energy and environment" and also runs the Ennsmuseum at Weyer. Since 1994 the possibility of winning drinking water in the Ennstal valley have been investigated.