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Ennstaler Alpen#

Ennstal Alps, mountain range, part of the northern Limestone Alps in Upper Styria. The E. A. comprise the Gesaeuse Valley and the Eisenerz Alps, in the north-west, towards Upper Austria, they continue as the Haller Mauern Mountain Range after the deep incision of Buchauer Sattel. Very popular with experienced mountaineers. The highest elevation of the E. A. is the Hochtor peak (alt. 2,369 m), south of the River Enns. Other mountains attractive to climbers, some of which have fairly difficult ascents, are Planspitze (alt. 2,117 m), Oedstein (alt. 2,335 m) with its famous 800 m high "Oedsteinkante" (north-west ridge), Reichenstein (alt. 2,251 m); north of the River Enns: Grosser Buchstein (alt. 2,224 m), Tamischbachturm (alt. 2,035 m). Mountain refuges: Buchsteinhuette (alt. 1,546 m), Ennstaler Huette (alt. 1,544 m); Hess-Huette (alt. 1,699 m); Oberst-Klinke-Huette (alt. 1,486 m); Moedlinger Huette (alt. 1,523 m).