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Epp, Leon#

b. Vienna, May 29, 1905, d. Eisenstadt (Burgenland), Dec. 21, 1968, actor, director and theatre manager; husband of Elisabeth Epp. After acting in Teplice (Teplitz) and in German theatres, E. founded the theatre "Die Insel" in 1937, which was forced to close in 1938. 1939-1941 headed the "Komoedie" theatre, 1944 worked as head producer in Bochum and Graz; 1945-1951 head of "Die Insel" once again. 1948/49 manager of the Renaissancetheater in Vienna and 1952-1968 of the Volkstheater. With his motto "You have to take risks", E. had a major influence on Austrian post-war theatre, especially with his stagings of modern dramas. 1954 initiated the "Volkstheater in den Aussenbezirken" (Volkstheater in the outer districts of Vienna). Awarded the J. Kainz Medal for outstanding merit in theatre.


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