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Eppinger, Hans junior#

b. Prague (Czech Republic), Jan. 5, 1879, d. Vienna, Sept. 26, 1946, internist, son of Hans Eppinger Sr.; professor at the Universities of Freiburg im Breisgau, Cologne and Vienna. His life's work was dedicated to research on diseases of the liver and circulatory disorders; he organised the 1st Medical Clinic of the University of Vienna and founded the pathology of permeability. 1936 was called to Moscow because Stalin had fallen ill, after 1945 worked as a trusted doctor for the Soviet high command, although his position as head of the Clinic had been revoked.


Versagen des Kreislaufs, 1927; Seroese Entzuendung, 1936; Leberpathologie, 1937.


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