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Eröd, Iván#

b. Budapest (Hungary), Jan. 2, 1936, composer, studied in Budapest and from 1956 in Vienna with K. Schiske and H. Jelinek, summer courses in Darmstadt. 1967-1989 teacher in Graz, since 1989 professor of theory and composition at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. Also a pianist; member of the ensemble "die reihe". 1981 awarded the Joseph Marx Prize for Music by the Province of Styria.


Orchestral pieces, chamber music, vocal music (Milchzahnlieder, 1973; Krokodilslieder, 1979; Canti di Ungaretti, 1988; Ueber die Asche zu singen, 1994), stage works.


C. Heindl, I. E. Leben - Werke - Analysen, doctoral thesis, Vienna 1997.