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Esterházy, Paul II. Anton Fürst#

b. Eisenstadt, April 22, 1711, d. Eisenstadt (Burgenland), March 18, 1762, field marshal, grandson of Prince Paul IV Esterházy and brother of Prince Nikolaus I Joseph Esterhazy; from 1721 carried the princely title of the Esterházy family of magnates. Studied in Vienna and Leyden, very interested in music and the arts. From 1741 supported Maria Theresia in the War of the Austrian Succession (lieutenant field marshal in 1747) and from 1750-1753 was imperial envoy to Naples. In the Seven Years' War he was cavalry general (1756), but retired from military service in 1758 to devote himself to humanitarian concerns (e.g. building the hospital of the Brothers Hospitallers) and cultural activities (e.g. re-organising the court orchestra, employing J. Haydn as deputy director of the orchestra, starting a musical collection).


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