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Evangelisches Jugendwerk#

Evangelisches Jugendwerk (Protestant Youth Welfare Work): the origins of Evangelisches Jugendwerk date back to the close of the 19th  century, the heyday of youth organisations. After 1920, the "Kreuzfahrer" (literally: Crusaders, mainly school children) were of considerable importance. The corporate state forced the organisation to have direct relations with the Church, under the NS-regime only Bible work was allowed. After 1945 the Evangelisches Jugendwerk existed as a Church Service ("Werk der Kirche"), and until the 1970s, when an internal crisis deprived it of its standing, it was one of the largest youth organisations in Austria. The Evangelisches Jugendwerk was influenced greatly by the ministers for young people, G. Traar (1936-1954) and E. Glaeser (1958-1970). Work in the parishes has a voluntary basis and mainly concentrates on children; work with young people emphasises a critical approach to social conditions and has an ecumenical orientation; holiday activities are organised every year. Founding member of the Austrian Bundesjugendring (Federal Association of Youth Organisations) and the Ecumenical Council for Young People in Austria.