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Evangelisches Schulwesen#

Protestant Schools: after the Edict of Tolerance, not only houses of worship but also schools were established, mostly for low-level education. The Imperial Law for Elementary Schools caused the religious communities to put their schools under public sponsorship. The years after 1934 brought an upswing (Gymnasium-type schools in Vienna and Graz and a Hauptschule in Wels were established). This period ended in 1938, when the Protestant schools (66 elementary schools with 101 classes, 1 Gymnasium school, 1 teacher training institution) of Burgenland (since 1921 part of Austria) were dissolved. In 1946 the Church accepted the introduction of public schools with religious instruction. Denominational schools developed only on a modest scale: elementary schools and Hauptschule schools (10-14 years) in Vienna, Gymnasium schools in Oberschuetzen and vocational schools, especially for the training for ecclesiastical and welfare professions.