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Exner, Wilhelm Franz#

b. Gaenserndorf (Lower Austria), April 9, 1840, d. Vienna, May 25, 1931, engineer. 1868 professor and from 1875 principal of the Academy of Forestry at Mariabrunn, which he integrated into the University of Agricultural Science of Vienna; initiated the establishment of the TGM-Institute of Technology in Vienna and was its first principal from 1879-1904; participated substantially in founding the Vienna Museum of Technology (Technical Museum of Industry and Commerce) in 1908, the Austrian Research Institute of the History of Technology in 1931, and the "Gewerbefoerderungsamt", an institution for the promotion of trade and industry; 1910 president of the "Technisches Versuchsamt" (Technical Testing Institute), 1925 honorary member of the Academy of Sciences, 1882 member of the lower chamber of the Reichsrat, 1905 member of the upper chamber of the Reichsrat.


Erlebnisse, 1931 (autobiography).


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