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Färber, Heinrich#

b. Novy Šacz, Poland (then Neu-Sandec), Sept. 22, 1864, d. Lodz (Poland), Dec. 15, 1941, goldsmith, later economist; founder of the ergocratic economic theory, which aimed at solving acute economic policy problems propagating concepts such as "breaking the dominance of the banks", "automatic taxation", the prohibition of inflation, state monopoly of money creation etc. He spread his ideas by founding associations and publishing, and gained considerable recognition from renowned experts of the field and party. He was deported to the ghetto of Lodz on Oct. 19, 1941. After World War II and the subsequent change in economic conditions, his knowledge and ideas ceased to be regarded as relevant.


Wr. Theorie der Buchhaltung oder Die Buchungseinheit, 1917; Das Geldproblem als Grundlage zur Sanierung der Weltwirtschaft, 1922; Kritik der Volkswirtschaftslehre, 1923; Das ergokratische Manifest, 1930; Menetekel, 3 vols., 1935-1937; Das ergokratische Evangelium, about 1940.


K. Mocnik, Leben und Werk des oesterreichischen Nationaloekonomen H. F. (1864-1941), 1997.