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Führich, Josef von#

b. Chrastava, Czech Republic (then Kratzau), Feb. 9, 1800, d. Vienna, March 13, 1876, painter of religious subjects and history painter. Studied at the Prague School of Arts. At Metternich's request went to Rome in 1827, where he joined the Nazarenes. Together with F. Overbeck, J. A. Koch and J. Schnorr von Carolsfeld participated in creating the frescoes of the Casino Massimo in Rome. Returned to Prague in 1829, worked as the curator of the Vienna Academic Gallery in 1834 and was Professor of History Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna from 1840. In 1851 was commissioned to design the Altlerchenfeld Church, which is known as his principal work. F. was the most important exponent of 19th century Christian art in Austria; created numerous religious cycles (woodcuts and etchings).


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