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Fadrus, Viktor#

b. Vienna, July 20, 1884, d. Villach (Carinthia), June 23, 1968, pedagogue and reformer of the educational system. In 1919 was appointed by O. Gloeckel to head the Department of Educational Reforms (responsible for "Volksschulen" (first four forms of elementary education) and "Buergerschulen" (lower secondary education) and for teacher training institutions) of the National Office for Education which was transformed into a ministry in 1920. actively engaged in the implementation of social democratic school reform plans, which he strongly influenced. In 1933/34 Federal School Inspector of Vienna, in 1934 forced to retire, and from 1945-1949 responsible for the re-establishment of the Austrian educational system. initiated the publication of numerous text books and book series, worked as an editor (educational reform, public education) and published more than 100 articles on educational issues.


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