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Bicycle, In Vienna in 1818 A. Burg built the first copy of the bicycle owned by Baron von Drais and in 1824 was granted a patent for his improved "machine for entertainment and health". Starting in 1869, F. Maurer ran the bicycle school "Velocipède-Gymnase" in Vienna and in 1869 received two patents for his new and improved "Velocipède", along with the bicycle´s manufacturer C. Lenz. The first "Bicycle Club" was founded in 1881. A pioneer of the Austrian bicycle industry was J. Puch, who began producing his "Styria-bicycle" in Graz in 1891. In 1987, a year in which 140.000 bicycles were manufactured, Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG discontinued its bicycle production. The bicycle was widely common as a means of transport between 1920 and 1960, especially for short distances, but was gradually replaced by the moped. Particularly popular for sports and off-road leisure activities, as well as a means of transport in cities, the bicycle has experienced a comeback in recent years.


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