unbekannter Gast

Falco eigentlich Hans Hölzel#

b. Vienna, Feb. 19, 1957, d. Puerto Plata (Dominican Republic), Feb. 6, 1998, pop musician, studied at the Vienna Jazz Conservatoire, 1977 bassist in West Berlin, 1979 foundation of the "Hallucination Company", member of various rock groups (e.g. "Drahdiwaberl"); 1982 first solo-LP with "Der Kommissar", 1985 "Rock me Amadeus". In 1986 awarded the Golden Medal for Distinguished Service of the Federal Province of Vienna and was honoured with another prize, the "Bambi" . Buried at the Zentralfriedhof cemetery in Vienna;


M. Hoelzel (ed.), F., 1998 (with discography).