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Falkenstein, Niederösterreich#

Falkenstein, Lower Austria, market town in the district of Mistelbach, alt. 302 m, pop. 457, area 19.12 km2, in the northern Weinviertel near Poysdorf at the foot of the Falkenstein Mountains. - Transmitter for the Austrian broadcasting corporation on the Galgenberg mountain; wine growing, early Baroque parish church with Romanesque-Gothic tower, Baroque figures depicting the stations of the Cross designed by F. Pfaundler, late Renaissance city hall building, medieval castle ruins (built around 1050, fell into disrepair from 1645); historic wine cellar district. On what is known as the "Schanzboden", a walled settlement was built around 4500 B.C. with a diameter of ca. 400 m. 100-200 years later the settlement was abandoned, and a new wall was built which can still be seen today (165 x 120 m).


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