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Fall, Leo#

b. Olomouc, Czech Republic (then Olmuetz), Feb. 2, 1873, d. Vienna, Sept. 16, 1925, composer, a master of the later Viennese operetta; son of Moritz F. (1848-1922, director of a military orchestra), brother of Richard Fall. For a short time performed military music under F. Lehár Sr. Later became a member of his father's orchestra in Berlin. turned to operettas during his 1895 stay in Hamburg. In 1906 moved to Vienna, where he successfully dedicated himself to the composition of operettas. The combination of swinging melodies with rhythmic irregularities made many of his tunes highly popular.


operas: Paroli, 1902; Irrlicht, 1904. - About 25 operettas, among them: Der fidele Bauer, 1907; Die Dollarprinzessin, 1907; Die geschiedene Frau, 1908; Bruederlein fein, 1909 (musical play); Der liebe Augustin, 1912 (1905: Der Rebell); Die Rose von Stambul, 1916; Die span. Nachtigall, 1920; Madame Pompadour, 1922;


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