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Fass (cask or barrel), old unit of liquid measurement. The Eimer-Fass (1 bucket = 56 l), the half Eimer-Fass and the Styrian "Statin" Fass (mit 600 l) were typical for Austria. In addition to the wine Fass (cask) unit (1 Fass = 10 buckets = 40 units = 565,89 l) there is the beer Fass (barrel) unit (1 Fass = 2 buckets = 113,18 l).

Cask and barrel sizes differ from province to province in Austria; in addition to hectobarrels (1-10 hectolitres), there exists a large storage Fass holding 15-20 hectolitres and an extra large storage Fass holding 50-100 hectolitres or more which are rare; today most barrels and casks have been replaced for the most part by steel or plastic tanks or cisterns.