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Feistritz am Wechsel#

Feistritz am Wechsel, municipality in the district of Neunkirchen in Lower Austria, alt. 487 m, pop. 1163, area 23.76 km2, small summer tourist resort located in the west of the Bucklige Welt hill region. Late Gothic fortified church; Baroque column dedicated to the Virgin Mary; medieval castle (documents dating back to 1136), fortified settlement dating from the 17th century, including a tower for starving prisoners (Hungerturm) and castle chapel (stained-glass windows dating back to 1557), renovated in 1815 when Romantic-style castle grounds were added.


K. Komarek, Geschichten und Berichte rund um die Pfarrkirche Feistritz am Wechsel, 1983.