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Feldjäger Jäger#

Feldjaeger ("hunters"), title for the unit of the former 32 Austro-Hungarian (light) infantry battalions which formed, together with the four regiments of the Tirolean Imperial Kaiserjaeger unit, an elite infantry unit of the Austro-Hungarian army. Feldjaeger were better trained in sharp shooting than the usual infantry soldiers and armed with rifles. Feldjaeger units had existed since the Seven Years´ War; the first standing Feldjaeger battalion was established in 1808, but Feldjaeger troops had been created as early as 1792 in the form of voluntary corps. From 1809 the Feldjaeger´s uniform has included the "German helmet" as opposed to the usual leather helmet worn by infantry soldiers. The German helmet is plumed and kept its original form (albeit slightly smaller) until 1914.