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Feldkirchen bei Graz#

Feldkirchen bei Graz, Styria, market town in the district of Graz-Umgebung, alt. 342 m, pop. 4,645, area 11.53 km2, situated on the right bank of the Mur/Mura River south of Graz. - Graz Airport, Air cargo centre and pilot school for Austrian Airlines, air traffic control centre for the Federal Civil Aviation Agency, federal administrative centre (airport), air base of the Ministry of the Interior; approximately 56 % of employment in the service sector (1991): primarily transport (numerous international transport and shipping companies, etc.) and trade (distribution centre for frozen food items, pistachio nuts and hygiene articles etc.), industry: Tool manufacturing, fittings, synthetic/artificial stone, gravel and cement works, metal crafts works. - Oldest parish in the Graz area; Romanesque-Gothic parish church, alterations (16th -18th centuries).