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Fennesz, Christian#

Fennesz, Christian, b. Vienna, Dec. 25, 1962, composer, musician. Studied ethnology and musicology in Vienna; in 1987 established the band Blank and in 1988 the group Maische with Harald Adrian and Siegfried Schmidt (until 1992). 1994/1995 producer of the pop band Play The Tracks Of; 1995 collaborated with Colin Newman and Scanner; since 1996 co-director of the big band Orchester 33 1/3 with Christof Kurzmann. Played guitar for many years; since 1991 has focussed mainly on electronic music and sampling.


Land der Menschen, 1991 (film music); Tanz im Spinnennetz, 1993 (staged oratorio); Gastspiel, 1994 (dance performance, with M. Nagl); Ars Electronica Live, 1996 (electronic music). - Records/CDs: In Gold, 1990 (with Maische); Instrument, 1995; Hotel Paral.lel, 1997; + 47 Degrees, 1999; Live in Melbourne, 2000; Endless Summer, 2001.