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Ferdinand II. von Tirol, geb. 1529#

b. Linz (Upper Austria), June 14, 1529, d. Innsbruck (Tyrol), Jan. 24, 1595, Archduke of Austria; son of Emperor Ferdinand I., 1547-1566 Governor in Bohemia. When the territories were divided between the heirs in 1564, he was endowed with the Tyrol and the western domains, known as the Vorlande, where he reigned from 1567. He carried out the Counter-Reformation, resorted to rigorous measures against the Anabaptists, initiated legislative and administrative reforms. Enlarged Ambras Castle, where he established a "Cabinet of Works of Art and Curiosities". Although highly educated, he was a spendthrift at the same time and contracted great debts. Since his children from his marriage to Philippine Welser (1557) were not entitled to inherit, the Tyrol went to the other two lines of the Habsburg dynasty after his death.


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