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Ferlach, Carinthia, town in the district of Klagenfurt, alt. 466 m, pop. 7,464, area 117.19 km2, southernmost town in Austria, situated on the northern foot of the Karawanken mountain range in the Rosen valley. - District court, military training grounds and military shooting range (in Glainach), administrative centre for federal buildings, health and social insurance agency, Rosental youth centre for the province of Carinthia (in Goertschach), club aerodrome Glainach, vocational school of gunsmithing, technical college (weapons technology, tool and equipment manufacturing), Ferlach-Maria Rain river power plant of the Oesterreichische Draukraftwerke AG (built in 1975, 330,000 kWh); the service sector predominates; in the last few years there has been a drastic reduction of employment in industry, but metal processing has remained significant: milling shop, precision tools and chain manufacturing, gunsmithing co-operative (consisting of numerous smaller gunsmithing shops), construction of waste water treatment plants, tourism (49,534 overnight stays). - First documented mention in 1246, long tradition of weapon making (dating back to the 16th century); modern parish church (1969/1970); Gothic parish church; gunsmithing museum. Located near the Tscheppa ravine.


E. Baumgartner, Die Geschichte der Waffenerzeugung in Ferlach, doctoral thesis, Innsbruck 1953.